Thursday, November 6, 2008

dead art

Here is one of my latest pieces. It was an "Undead" friendly competition among me and a few of my friends. I chose a heroic subject yet one who is still almost as creepy as the zombies. think about it if you were forced to hack up your friends and neighbors it would mess with your head. no matter how much you and your friends joke about how awesome it would be if zombies attacked your city. You can see the rest of the submissions @
Prints are available of this image. $100 for a 30" wide. $75.00 for a 20" wide. $50.00 for a 14" wide. email me for more details

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Dai'th Lee said...

I'll tell you this much like what I told Adam. I like this piece. I do..are there some things wrong with it? Yeah, small but not readily noticable. Like The piece does a great job of telling you whats going on. It tells a story. The only thing it doesn't do and what it probably should do is give that feeling of desperation. What maybe could have been done is keep the chainsaw guy. He's great...but make him smaller than his surroundings. He looks big and more than capable of getting through the horde. In comics, ots little things like that that really give an impact on conveying to the reader or viewer what the "hero" is feeling. Armies of the undead, overwhelming odds and a chainsaw that he got from K-mart thats bound to lock up on the third zombie. Maybe you could've showed a faint hint of his face under the goggles with sweat and a furrowed brow to show his fear and doubt of his survival. I dunno...I couldn't have painted this but they say, those that can't coach....Great job overall though man.