Thursday, November 6, 2008

James Dean. This piece is huge. 4' x 5'. acrylics on canvas. The original is sold already but prints on canvas are available. $500.00 for 40"x 50". $250.00 for 30"x 40". $150.00 for 24"x 30". email me @

dead art

Here is one of my latest pieces. It was an "Undead" friendly competition among me and a few of my friends. I chose a heroic subject yet one who is still almost as creepy as the zombies. think about it if you were forced to hack up your friends and neighbors it would mess with your head. no matter how much you and your friends joke about how awesome it would be if zombies attacked your city. You can see the rest of the submissions @
Prints are available of this image. $100 for a 30" wide. $75.00 for a 20" wide. $50.00 for a 14" wide. email me for more details